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Dried fruits are fruits that are devoid of any original water. The water is extracted from the fruits through the natural process of sun drying or specialized dehydrators and dryers. The most common dried fruits include almond (badam), cashew (kaju), pistachio (pista), figs (anjeer), walnut (akhrot), raisins, dates, apricots, prunes or dried plums and peaches.

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Farm Fresh Nuts

Our nuts are healthy, delicious, and homegrown.

Fresh Raisins

Fresh Raisins - Golden Raisins, Willd Basil Seeds, Black Raisins and Green Raisins.

Fresh Figs

Fresh figs are small to medium sized, with a bright green to yellowish coloured skin.

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I ordered apricot kilao, and it turned out to be just as I had hoped. I had eaten it many years back with a room mate that was from Gilgit and I have loved it ever since. It was fresh and packaging was also neat and clean.
Mila Kunis

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Good experience with team. The nuts were delicious and the team was friendly. We loved your kelawo candy and would surely recommend to our friends. Good luck with your work.
Mike Sendler
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